Criminal Justice
<strong>Editor</strong>: <a href="http://theadvocatecornell.com/category/mherrera">Marianella Herrera</a>
Editor: Marianella Herrera

Marianella is a junior majoring in Government and Biological Sciences.

<strong>Editor:</strong> <a href="http://theadvocatecornell.com/category/zhauser">Zoe Hauser</a>
Editor: Zoe Hauser

Zoe is a senior studying History in the College of Arts and Sciences.

<a href="http://theadvocatecornell.com/category/asravankumar">Archie Sravankumar</a>
Archie Sravankumar

Archie is a senior studying Computer Science.

<a href="http://theadvocatecornell.com/category/gemmons">Garrett Emmons</a>
Garrett Emmons

Garrett is a sophomore majoring in Economics and Classics.

<strong>Editor: </strong><a href="http://theadvocatecornell.com/category/ghand">Gillian Hand</a>
Editor: Gillian Hand

Gillian is a senior pursuing a degree in Government with a minor in Creative Writing.

<a href="http://theadvocatecornell.com/category/akumar">Anika Kumar</a>
Anika Kumar

Anika is a sophomore majoring in Human Development.

<a href="http://theadvocatecornell.com/category/sbastos">Sarah Bastos</a>
Sarah Bastos

Sarah is a junior majoring in Spanish.

<strong>Editor: </strong><a href="http://theadvocatecornell.com/category/sneitlich">Stephanie Neitlich</a>
Editor: Stephanie Neitlich

Stephanie is a senior studying Environment and Sustainability Sciences at Cornell University.

<a href="http://theadvocatecornell.com/category/abranescu">Adelina Branescu</a>
Adelina Branescu

Adelina is a junior studying Information Science in the College of Arts and Sciences.

<a href="http://theadvocatecornell.com/category/mrauch">Max Rauch</a>
Max Rauch

Max is a freshman majoring in Policy Analysis & Management.

<a href="http://theadvocatecornell.com/category/nrougvie">Nash Rougvie</a>
Nash Rougvie

Nash is a freshman majoring in Urban & Regional Studies.

<a href="http://theadvocatecornell.com/category/bhussain">Basim Hussain</a>
Basim Hussain

Basim is a freshman majoring in Government.

<a href="http://theadvocatecornell.com/categorymsheen">Mike Sheen</a>
Mike Sheen

Mike is a freshman studying Policy Analysis & Management.

<strong>Editor: </strong><a href="http://theadvocatecornell.com/category/jbarrans">Josette Barrans</a>
Editor: Josette Barrans

Josette is a senior majoring in Government and minoring in Law & Society and Psychology.

International Affairs
<strong>Editor:</strong> <a href="http://theadvocatecornell.com/category/akucherina">Alex Kucherina</a>
Editor: Alex Kucherina

Alex is a senior studying Health Care Policy.

<a href="http://theadvocatecornell.com/category/bbeard">Brenner Beard</a>
Brenner Beard

Brenner is a freshman majoring in Government.