How to Submit:

If you would like to write without joining our team, you can send in a piece for review to theadvocatesocial@gmail.com.

We strive to encompass a wide range of views, regardless of political affiliation. Our current active columns include: Criminal Justice, Education, Healthcare, Environment, International Affairs, and Economics. However, we do consider submissions that pertain to other topics, and we are always discussing the opening of more columns if there is enough interest. We dedicate our writing to specific pieces of government policy and how they relate to youth today, as well as incorporate reliable sources to substantiate the information provided. Every piece begins with a brief “What You Can Do” section that gives readers ways to get involved with the topic. This includes readily available actions such as signing petitions, or even spreading the word about voter registration. Make sure you do not forget this part of your article!

What We’re Looking For:

We want to review topics that are current and fresh. Try to write about something that has been relevant in the last month or so and show why the Cornell community should care about it. We love hearing unique perspectives; please feel free to share anything interesting you have to say!